After all those steroids issues, do you think that Barry Bonds derserves all-time home run records?

he's only 20 home runs away from the all-time home run records, 755 home runs, set by Hank Aaron. Do you think that Barry Bonds deserves to get the all-tim home run records, even after all those steroids issues?


Red Sox or Yankees? Why?

Until some concrete evidence surfaces that show Bonds definitely took steroids or other performance-enhancing drug, all he's accomplished should be entered into all the record books. If he breaks the HR record, he should get all the accolades he deserves. However, if it does come out that he cheated, all his records should be completely wiped clean.

Do you like the Designated Hitter?

heck yea, takes more than steriod to hit 95 mile a hour fastball's over 400 feet, he is one of the best


How will Yankee fans react if ARod breaks HR record, & the team misses the playoffs?

No, I think that they should kick him out of baseball and take away every record he has ever gotten.

Who would you rather have on your team?

Yes. I live in America where it is innocent until proven guilty.

Is the AL Central the strongest division in baseball? Where will the White Sox end up?

hell yea, Bonds is a monster. Theres a lot of players in the MLB who are taking steroids. plus they never proved he was taking steroids.

How much is this Rookie card worth?

no he does not becuz look at im now without steriods hes hittin 20 a year but in his prime without steroids he would probobly hit 30 so 18x25 = not 755

Why in the world was Russell Branyan SD 3B, OF demoted to AAA?

I'm not going to just pick on Barry. I don't support any of the bogus home run records set by him McGwire or anyone else that used.

In Barry's defense the man did not use his entire career. He only used for a few years and he admitted to it. If the government had any proof of otherwise they would have brought it forth and charged him with perjury.

Don't let the media brain wash you with their opinionated version of this man.

When will Barry Bonds confess to using steroids?

Yes. Barry Bonds is one of the best ( if not the best) Baseball player of all-time.

Please explain the appeal of baseball?

Oh shush, he hit like what, 10 home runs with it, wooptie-doo!!

If Bonds can hit ten more homeruns after Aarons record, then everyone will start liking him.

Jack Morris did it to end the 1991 World Series. What pitchers since have extra inning complete games?

no way. He definitely not the right guy. He is a showoff to other players just because he's "good"

Who in Major League baseball determines if a fielder has committed an error?

I didn't know Bonds had been convicted of steroids? Being that he hasn't, I will look to watch him pass the all-time record and will be happy for him when he does it.
Didn't Mark McGuire hit 49 home runs as a rookie?He too is a great one. Rumors are wispers from the press and are meant for sheep...I personally don't need the press to tell me what to think.

Who would you rather have on your team David Ortiz or Alex Rodriguez?

NO! Hank Aaaron and Babe Ruth did not get homeruns by steroids, but by heart. Barry Bonds is using steroids just to become famous. BAseball is about heart, not skill so Barry Bonds lost me as a fan as soon as i found out he used steroids!

How Can I Swing Hard?

does he deserve it? Well I dunno. He used steroids and everyone knows it. Ya just don't bulk up like that without them. To think he didn't use steroids would be ignorance. He did it at a time though that steroids were not illegal in baseball. You can see that he has since stopped with them. In the past few years his injury problems have increased and his power has decreased a bit, the roids are wearing off.
We can't blame a man that followed the rules or used a lack of rule to his benefit. Its our faults as fans for not pushing the steroid issue sooner then we did. We were all caught up in watching these enhanced superstars hit the baseball like it was coming out of a cannon.
Can we punish them now for our mistake? I don't know. I don't like that he did it on steroids but I don't think we can punish him years after for it either. He never broke the rules that we know of. To punish him would be no different then punishing pitchers from the 20's for using the spit ball and shine ball to get an edge on batters. Rule changed, he changed. We can hate him all we want but if he gets the record, as long as he isn't using now, we have to respect him for it.

What is that cylindral thing that's wrapped around a baseball bat when a batter is on deck?

Bonds did not, McGwire did not, Sosa maybe, Palmiero did and others that we don't know of. All it was were just media and print reporters brainwashing the public into believing that athletes were criminals if they gambled or took supplements. Steroids will not benefit baseball players other than shortening their injury recovery time. It will not enhance their performance. They look big only because of water retention and are not cut or defined.

I'd recognize Bond's achievements until a positive test result is out.

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