10 Points Tuesday's Red Sox-Yank Game (quick)?

Question:Who wins and why in a concise comment.
10 points to the winner.


With a base open why in the world is Boston pitching to Arod?

Last time I picked Yanks for you, now the sox are more determined and will win.

I'll say Sox 9-3

Why won't Manny Ramirez cut his hair...it's gross?!?

Yankees Again.. Because Mussina will be clutch.

Please list all owners for the chicago cubs?

Sox's - because their not the Yankee's!

What would your dream 8 playoff teams be?

The Red Sox will win because the Yankees just won because I said so.

Have baseball signed by both willie mays and mickey mantle. i want to find out if authentic?

The Sox'll win because the only pitcher the Yanks have healthy pitched yesterday.

Sox 8-5

Whats the record for all-time RBI and season RBI?

Yankees 7 to 3. Their backs are to the wall here. They must take 2 in this series.

What are some of the best metal baseball bats ever made?

Red Sox because the yankees have A-rod.

How do i increase my fastball velocity?

Yankes 6 to 3 due to the fact Mussina has a good record against the Sox overall and Tavarez is pitching for the Sox.

Is Mesa worth his money?

This matchup favors the Yankees at home. Tavarez hasn't been really sharp this year and this is a must win for the Yankees. 5-1.

Am i really so offensive that i need to be eliminated ?

The Yankees 8-4. They will step up their game again tonight, they need these wins ..

Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard?

Tavarez in on the mound for th e Red Sox.

What baseball team or teams do you love to hate and why?

Yankees. They are on the roll, Mussina is far better than Tavarez and the sox are starting to fall off.

Best players in the game?

the yankees

because #1...tavarez is pitching
#2...the previously slumping bats of Cano, Abreu, Giambi and A-Rod have all come alive in the past three games

How can a home plate umpire call a check swing?

The Sox will win in the later innings.

The Sox have hit Moose well the last few years and will be able to exploit the Yankee bullpen.

The Sox, however, used their bullpen spare parts last night.

Snyder, Okajima and Paplebon are all rested and ready to go .

Sox 6 Yanks 5.

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