14-3....Are the Sox ballin or am I seeing things?

I havent seen domination like that since Tyson was in the ring


Please explain the differences between softball and baseball?

The Mariners havent played in 5 days also...

"Manchester United 7-1 against AS Roma" If the Sox did that at home the crowd would probobly be booing them!

Who's gonna be MVP?!?!?

Haven't seen domination? Try a 7-1 score-line of Man Utd vs. AS Roma. Now thats domination.

Baseball trivia question?

Then you have had you head in the sand for a long time. There were some beat downs as recently as spring training this year. Also the Mets outscored the Cardinals 31-3 in their opening series, that is dominance.

Who decides when a baseball game should be postponed?

Are u smoking work? They have along way to go chill man.

How much is the BILL RIPKEN baseball card with "Fu*k Face" on the bottom of the bat worth?

I know, I saw the game and did you see Weaver's face when Drew hit the home run off of him. I was laughing so hard. But what I couldn't belive was that Donnely got ejected and Francona. I mean really what did Francona do to get ejected? But I was glad that Johjima and Lopez got ejected too. If you are a Red Sox fan join my Red Sox group http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/rea...

Who is the best blue collar MLB team.?

its the mariners...dont get so excited over this. compare both teams' overall salaries. you will see that this is an expected outcome. there have been many more dominating performances. all you had to do is watch the first round of this year's basketball tourney to see that one, duh.

Brooklyn dodgers manager April 13, 1947?

ur definitely seeing things

Wat site can i go 2 find the value on my baseball cards?

Bridgewater State College beat Newbury College 57-1 yesterday...that's pretty dominating, no?

Yea Sox played well today, hopefully they'll keep it up.

I don't know anything about BASEBALL and the guy I like is a baseball player and played his whole life?


Who plays or likes softball?

Holy crap! Hand them the World Series right now!

Is Roger Clemens A True Yankee? I think so...?

They need to acknowledge my boy Josh Beckett as well. He pitched his *** off today and will just keep getting better and better.....

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