A Red Sox fan at Yankee Stadium?

How was it and were people rude to you?


Why doesn't my sports team(Chicago White Sox) show up on my scoreboard?

The only thing you need to prepare yourself for is the horrible stench that you will have to endure when the Yankees take the field.

Adult baseball leagues..?

Kevlar will deflect most of the low-caliber ammunition.

What does "Royals" stand for in the Kansas City Royals...what is the meaning/history behind?

Like most people not from New York, and people who aren't bandwagoners I hate the Yankees,

Who do you think will make the WorldSeries this season?

About as safe as a Yankee fan at Fenway Park.

Do any other baseball players have a blog like Curt Schilling?

as long as the person doesnt sit in the upper deck or with the Bleacher Creatures, the fan should be allright.

Is Andy Petite back with the Yankees this year or is he still with the Astros?

They would be rude, but stay away from the bleachers- those folks are just vulgar.

Can I get a yankee game on my computer free?

There are plenty of Red Sox fans at Yankee games. That stuff you hear is blown way out of proportion.

What is the name of Torontoe's professional baseball team?

Most people who go to Yankee games go to watch the game they don't go to terrorize Red Sox fans I have been there its a great place to watch a game as is Fenway of course there are always those chosen few where ever you go.

What NL East team said they debuted 30-year-old rookie Chuck Smith to give 36-year-old rookie Joe Strong “some

they harass red sox fans. I do to we say stuff like



What is the closest minor league baseball team located near Rochester, Mn?

I must have met the only nice Yankee fans there last night.
they were Advertising guys, and we were only wearing our red sox HATS--nothing else.

They brought us beers and dogs before the game, and everytime the waitress came by, they asked us what we wanted.

Only good thing about last night's game.:(

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