A weird question?

What if they were to paint the walls of Fenway Park blue? All of them.


Is this unsportsmanlike behavior.?

The Blue Monster would conjure images of cookies.

When will the national baseball media recoginze the Rockies' starting pitching as decent?

Doral is already the blue monster

Isn't there a general rule in Major League Baseball on pants length?

A better question would have been what if they painted the outfield walls pinstripes. That would bring a big reaction. I guess the fans would be surprised, and ticked off because it would ruin the "Green Monster", turning it into the "Blue Monster" which just seems weird.

Barry bonds hit hr # 735 in career last night-howmany hrs will barry hit ? will he break record?

wow i bet they wouldn't win for another 80 some odd years ... it like a tradition like the Ivy at Wrigley

List your nightmare (as in terrible) baseball lineup.?

then the green monster would turn into the blue monster and they'd just have blue walls!

also...it'd suck because the green monster is the greatest.

Thank you. Is it different for Lefty's?

That's the Seventh Sign. The world may come to an end.

Anyway, "Fenway Green" is now a pattened color, so changing it would cause some major issues in the paint world.

Ever been to Fenway? Seeing that green in person, even if you're routing against them, is a site for the ages. So much history and tradition...they'll never change it.

How many states in the USA do not have a major league baseball team?

that would be plain old wierd dont do it!!

Sammy Sosa held a torrid pace via pre-season! He dropped to batting .186 Is he not getting enough at bats??

WHY?!?!? It is known as the Big Green Monster, not the Big Blue Monster.

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