After all the arguments about the DH rule in the AL, I can't help but wonder what might have been had the...?

rule beenin place from the first day (1901) of the league. the baseball world might have been denied the (hitting) star whose name fans still know and who changed the game more than any other player in history. Babe Ruth might have continued to be a very good starting pitcher, buth not the great home run hitter that he was. What do you think?


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Teams in the AL aren't forced to use a DH, it's just that it's available. Some pitchers actually can hit-Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and John Smoltz were all used as pinch hitters with the Braves when other options were available, and Brooks Kieschnick who retired 2 years ago played for ten years because he was good enough to come off the bench as both a hitter and a pitcher.

You might also want to consider how great a home run hitter he would've been if the league didn't both ban the spitter and change the ball in 1920, since before then the ball wasn't wound as tightly (so was softer) and wasn't replaced (making it both harder to see because of dirt and softer still--until then balls were used until they either fell apart or were 'lost').

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true we may have been deprived of many good hitting pitchers warren spahn and don drysdale to name just 2 in the old days you had to have skills at all positions not just your primary position and you had to hit it didnt make any difference if you were a pitcher you still had to hit and now that i think about it whitey ford was good with the bat. yogi berra said he was surprised how much power he had with the stick.

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Interesting point, I'd say I agree.

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