Alex Rodriguez is on a roll with home runs and now he has 12. Do you think he has a chance of hitting 74?


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any more explanation actually implies that it's worth considering.

everyone has streaks.

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There's no doubt he has a chance, but let's be realistic here. It's only April. Albert Pujols hit 14 in April once if I'm not mistaken and didn't even break 60 home runs that year. Of course there's always the prospect of injury, etc. On the other hand, if he doesn't do well for a week or two, he will get bashed for not "living up to his potential" by Yankee fans. Then he'll lose confidence and won't reach the 74 home run record.

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If he could keep up this pace, he would easily break the streak based on the mathematics of this's never that simple though, there are always other factors.

1) No baseball player has ever stayed this hot all season. Very few baseball players have even been this hot over this stretch of games. He'd have to keep up a great pace all season. Maybe not one like this, but any major slump would be a major blow to his chances.

2) He has to stay healthy, you never know when someone can get hurt.

That being said, he's still 62 home runs away from the record, and he's never hit 62 home runs in a season, let alone 62 HR after April 23rd. In order to do it, he'll have to play the best ball of his life.

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no because he is hot right now and he is not on steroids like some people (Bonds) cough...

I believe he will get close to 60 this seasons because i think hes out to prove something and I think it quite possibly could be the Yankees year and I am not a Sox fan or Yanks fan just from my perspective. I still keep my prediction even after a tough weekend vs. the Sox.

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I hope so. I hate Bonds the cheat!

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There is a chance but like all great athletes they hit a wall at some point in the season we have to see once that happens. I do not like the yankees and arod but I would rather see the HR record broken by someone who isn't shooting roids it would quell all of the talk about it.

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yes, i think hes only gonna hit 65-67 though

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He could and very well may. Bonds hit 73 (with 'Roids) but in my mind the real record is 61 still and I think he will get there. He is the best player in the game (Reg. Season) and will have the "clean" record when 2007 is over. Then the playoffs will come... He'll suck and get run out of New York...

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Yes, there is a chance, as long as Jetter, Abreu and Giambi are playing well. Pitchers go after A-Rod because the guys in front of him and after him are also hitting, so they must try to get him out every time. If the protection is not there, they will just walk him.

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It would be great to see a clean home run king that's for sure.
Restore some honor to it.

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ya he can but he will get hurt or he will get in a slump. OR unless he stops taking steroids because thats what he is on right now

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omg hell yeah are you kidding.. he can hit possibly in the 80s. if he stays consistant..its only april. long way to go .. lots of upbats for a-rod.and many

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I love A-Rod, even if he goes into another slump, as long as he keeps his trap shut. He talks to much. But love him!

Go Yanks!

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He has about the same amount of chance as the redsox whole lineup hitting 9 homers in a row against the yankees' next time they play.

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I'd love to see anybody beat that creep Bonds' record. (*)

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Is there a chance, sure of course there is.but its pretty slim. I would give it a three percent chance at this point. He still has to hit 60.thats right 60, home runs from this point on to do it. Think about that for a second, only 5 guys in history have hit 60 in an entire season and A-Rod is already a month in. As hot as he's been he can't keep this up and it would be amazing if teams pitch to him enough for him to even get close. He's been on fire so far, but I can't see him sustaining this kind of run long enough to break the record.

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Yes he would if he could keep up the good form he is in at the moment but all champions have an off week or two and that may stop him reaching 70.

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he will slow down..

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no more than 50

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Bonds* was hot all season long. honestly i don't think arod will be

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I don't think he will hit that many...I say 45-50 hrs....

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only in your and his dreams

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