Any good Fantasy Baseball pickups?

Besides the main guys. After the first couple of games, is there any players that are still likely Free Agents in my league that i can pick up?


What is Joe Garagiola doing these days?

Zach Duke... proved his rookie year he could be an ace and last season he pitched 200+ innings and won 11 games with a bad team and now this year his first start was sick and he will be that ace he was two years ago pick him up if you can if not try and get Soloman Torres the pirates closer if you need another closer and if you need a hitter Brad Hawpe

Little Leauge Baseball has banned taunting the opposing team...Is this a good idea?

for short term if Johnny F8&^*% Damon goes on the D.L pickup melky for a couple weeks

Who is your favorite Yankees player?

Wait for team mistakes. What I mean don't you do anything. Sit back and watch people drop players that have potential put them on your watch list and when they have been consistent add them. A name to remeber is Taylor Tulionski. Watch this guy. Great backup SS.

Does Julian Tavarez have a shot at keeping the fifth spot in the Red Sox rotation when Jon Lester gets to 100%

See if Chris Duncan of the St. Louis Cardinals is a FA. He plays LF. Has power and promise

When will the Red Sox waive Julian Tavarez?

I got Jeff Francouer in my league he's good...look up guys like Aaron Hill...Overbay...Conor espn they may give u some good pickup tips

What is the name of the song that they play at baseball games where it goes like 10% luck, 20% skill etc?

Ian Snell, Gil Meche, Xavier Nady, Daniel Cabrera, Boof Bonser, Kenny Lofton

Problem with jays?

Brad hawpe is having a good start to the season, and is a free agent in my league. he had a good start last year, and then fell off after the break because of an ankle injury.
HR- 1st half: 15 2nd Half: 7
BA- First Half: .310 2nd Half: .268
RBI- 1st Half: 49 2nd Half: 35
R- 1st Half: 42 2nd Half: 25
But if he can stay healthy, and put up the same numbers as he did in the first half last year, you're looking at a 30 Homer, 100 RBI, .300 season.

Whos better overall? matt cain or cole hamels?

Mike Napoli C- LAA
Napoli will be the new starting catcher in Anaheim with Bengie Molina gone.

Wilson Betemit 2B,3B,SS - LA
Underrated player who will start and be a free agent.

Lyle Overbay 1B- TOR
Solid .300 hitter who will knock in around 80+ RBI and 20 HR.

Brandon Inge 3B - DET
Good hitter who usually lets hits average slip a little but will get you 80 RBI and 20 HR

Aubrey Huff 3B, OF - BAL
Great player and probably the best free agent you can find. Capable of hitting over300. with over 100 RBI and 25+ HR. First season out of TB so now he has people he can knock in and people to knock him in.

Is Erik Bedard of the Orioles league leading 75 k's a fluke or is he for real?

Bartolo Colon and Luis Castillo.

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