Who is going to win this years World Series?


Which Phillie will end up with the most home runs this year?

Minnesota Twins! They play such an airtight "D" and their pitching as always gonna be great under Rick Anderson and Gardinhire. Their lineup has no weakness this year!

Any rappers who are Los Angeles (LA, L.A.) Angels of Anaheim fans? Any music videos that feature Angels caps?

The Yankees have a greater chance.

Why is Clemens now being considered #4 starting pitcher for Yanks? What am I missing?

I think that Detroit can come back and win it all. But if they struggle then I'll go with either the A's or the Giants, I'm from the Bay.

What teams have won 100 games in a season?


Little league rule for not playing a player in a game ? child plays in the LL magers?

Boston Red Sox!

How much would a Red Schoendienst autographed baseball be worth?


Anyone going to the brewers vs. cards game on 4/15 in STL?

Cleveland Indians

You Yankee fans ready to lose another three?

I'm gonna say it's between 4 teams, the cardinals, the A's, the Bosox and the Twins.

Do you still think Barry Bonds is a jerk??

Detroit Tigers

Why on earth does Derek Jeter make 21 million per season?

The New York Yankees

My caoch is a dumb *** what should i do?

The Yankees.

Who is the best baseball player ever?

The Yankees.

Will brad lidge pitch better as a MR or is his mindset way off line now?

The Yankees all the way baby!!, number 27 this year!

Will Torii Hunter be with the Twins next year?

the phillies!!

How would you handle this if you're the manager?

The Yankees. Number 27 in 07.

How does the MLB draft work?

Twins have the best bullpen and baseball and an offense that can save the starters and get to the bullpen

What Would Be An Average Speed For A Fastball Pitched by an Elevin Year Old??

From what little we've seen 2 days into the season, I think the Twins have a pretty good shot to go to the Fall Classic. Their bullpen looks pretty stacked, they have some guy named Johan Santana at the top of their rotation, and Bonser looks like he's up and coming in the Twins rotation at number 2. Joe Nathan is also an all-star calibur closer.

Their line-up is extremely solid, and they don't try to beat you by always swinging for the fences. They are a very patient ballclub at the plate on top of being a very productive line up with a good combination of speed and power. The defense also plays extremely well, which is sometimes overlooked when considering which teams will make the post-season, and how they will fair.

But take this prediction for what it's worth two days into the season, Twins over Mets (unless the Orioles happen to make the post-season).

Shades of Glory: The Negro Leagues and the Story of African-American Baseball. I need an E-text or anything.?

Way too early to tell.

Did anyone see Torii Hunter get blasted in the grill by Zack Greinke?

I would LOVE to see the yankees win :) and I'll be cheering for them but its way to early to tell

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