Another Minnesota Twins question.?

Is Alexi Casill ahere to stay? Are the Twins gonna continue to find at bats for this guy? He seems like a nice spark plug, when Castillo and Punto, and Bartlett are all healthy is he still gonna find at bats? GO TWINS!


What sould I do to improve my softball skills?

I think the coaches have fallen in love with his defense and his ability to do little things like ove runners over. He can and will steal some basea. He will start at second for them next year so i think they will find at bats for him for the rest of the year. Gardy, like Kelly before him, is very good at getting all 25 guys playing time. That trade (of J.C. Romero) is looking like another Terry Ryan special. Everyone disliked it at the time, but after a few years he looks like a genius again!

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i have no idea but GO TWINS!

Cubs sold?

They should get rid of Bartlett. He's been nothing but crap.

Whos going to win the world series?

I hate to say this because I like J-Bar, but Alexy is just playing better.

I like Punto because his D is outstanding, but Alexi just seems to be playing better than J-Bar Offensively and Defensively.

Good place to get yankees tickets?

i dont know man he is working hard and if you dont work hard you are not going to work for the twins. Maybe they can teach him to play left field and git rid of kubil

About arizona diamondbacks?

well i'm not sure of the answer to your question, but Bartlett is weak this year. If Casill could get in for Bartlett, that'd be great. He's just not hustling and his Defense isn't there.

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