Alfonso soriano??

does anyone else think he should be in a better ball club then the cubs?i thought he was great and the cubs suck?? where would you like to see him??


Baseball drills?

He is good, and the Cubs do suck. The money was just there for him.

My favorite team is the Mariners. So even though it's biased I'd like to see him there.

I have an autographed team photo of the 1925 Pirates, National League Champions. What is this worth?

Harlem Globetrotters

Softball help??

Not a cubs fan, but they'll get going.

Just need Zambrano to get back on pace, the rest of the staff has been doing well.

Better bullpen performances as well.

What time does the gates open for metro dome, in minnesota for the minnesota twins game on sunday, april 15?

your an idiot the cubs are a solid team come Oct you will eat those words chump!

Best hitter?

Soriano is a great player. He justed got Cubbed.

Did Barry Bonds ever get caught for doing steroids?

I don't think that Alfonso Soriano is doing good at all. I think that with the way he's playing now, he deserves to be on the Cubs. If he steps it up, then maybe he deserves to be on the Giants, Brewers, or Red Sox.

Baseball question?

i think hes good on the cubs i like him on the cubs i hope he is there 4evr

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