Alex Rodriguez...Is the guy from this world?

he homered again..I hate the yankees (baltimore Rocks), but I am irepressed..11 homers in 15 games. He has more than the rest of the team combined. Hes on an insane pace...lets see come playoff time (if the yankees even make assumptions).


What's up with the Braves?


Do you watch the World Series regardless who's in it?

12 homers!!!


The best people in baseball?

First of all, the yankees rock and the Yanks are going to make the playoffs, they always do. Second, Alex Rodriguez is the best baseball player in the majors he is just trying his hardest.

Leading candidate's for NL Cy young and NL MVP..?

weren't people asking the same thing when barry bonds was hitting those homers back in 2001?

I need a fun name for my softball team. Any ideas?

first of all, arod is doing it without the steriods
second, yankees will make it to the playoffs
third, its 14 now
fourth, he is from this world

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