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Question:Troy Glaus has the most power for a third baseman in the MLB

If you disagree

explain why and tell me who you think does

I think he has the most power, just not the best homerun hitter


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Troy Glaus is probably the most powerful 3rd baseman A-Rod doesn't hit anything like Glaus. A-Rod has gap to gap power he's not a pure power hitter. Glaus is a Homerun hitter where as A-Rod is a pure hitter.

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I think he is second to a-rod. Reason the numbers dont lie.

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Though he may not always produce the highest homerun totals at thirdbase, Troy does hit the ball longer than most. Arod can hit it far also, but Troy seems to have more raw power, kind of like Ryan Howard.

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Glaus is fifth among 3B in Homeruns, 12th in RBI, and third among 3B in slugging ARod (much as I hate him) is first in all three catagories among 3B. So by any good measure of "power" the answer is no.

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are you kidding me? it's definitely A-Rod, who his arguably the best player in the game.

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If Glaus had the most power, there would be no reason for him to not have the most home runs. Glaus is a solid player, but A-Rod has him beat, just like he does everyone else.

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disagree A-Rod(even though i don't like him)

Take your pick!?!?

I agree but only because Arod is a SS. Apparently someone forgot to tell Jeter this though.

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Most people would say A-Rod because he is a far better player and might end his career with 800 homeruns. That being said, if you are just asking who can hit longer homeruns you would have to go with Glaus. I was actually and a game when he hit one and it was a different sound coming off the bat from others. I think the ball could still be airborne.

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Who would you rather have on your team as your 3rd baseman...Alex Rodriguez or Troy Glaus?? Case closed.

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A-Rod. He will break the home run record at this pace.

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I have to go with the consensus and say A-Rod. Although Glaus was a force to be reckoned when he was with the Angels. Besides, A-Rod is the only one who has a legitimate chance of breaking the homerun record regardless of how Bonds eventually hits. Had Griffey not spent so much of his career on the DL, he would also have been on that short list, but he's obviously not a third baseman.

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