Alright, lets be real... what are the brewers chances this year?


Where did jackie robinson play as a professional?

Chances for what?

To be competetive all season long, for the first tine since 1992? Excellent
To get to post season for the first time since 1982? Excellent
To win it all? - Not this year, but by the end of the decade.

Best baseball Quotes ever?

17% chance of winning it all.

Question for yankee and red sox fans?

slim to none

What Dottie Ferguson Key did after leaving baseball?

There chances are as good as last year's... FAT!

Will the Red Sox win 117 games this season.?


Where is pitcher pedro martinez?

Snowball and Hell were the first words to come to mind.

Cardinals MVP.?

Very good considering the teams in the division. cubs and cardinals are crappy so far although they will make a run soon. The brewers have too good of pitching to have any prolonged losing streaks this year.

Curt Flood lost the Supreme Court Case, so why is there free agency in baseball?

I think there on the longest losing streak in the NL right now, but I think they might have beaten the philys today

I am about 6 feet and i am about 165, how fast should i be throwing?

The Brewers may have been exposed in their trip east this week. Their pitching is not as good as it was thought. While they will probably win the Central, do not expect them to beat the Mets or Braves in a first round playoff series.

Why did the mets shave their heads and what's up with the pink bands?

If Ben sheets stays healthy and they continue to play with a "nothing to lose attitude", then they have a very good chance of at least making the world Series. As far as winning, it, it would depend on who emerges from the AL. The longer the Mets and Cardinals spend on figuring out their revamped rotations, the better Milwaukee's chances of being a major force come playoff time.

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