Any info on Satchel Paige's parents?

im doing a research paper and that is the ONLY thing im missing...ahh...any info would be very helpful..


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If you haven't done so, go to your library and find a copy of his autobiography, "Maybe I'll Pitch Forever". That should cover anything you need to know. The following is from chapter 2 of that book:

"I was the seventh of eleven children in that little shack. My Dad, John, was a gardener, but he liked to be called a landscaper. My Mom, Lula, was a washerwoman. She was the real boss of our house, not Dad."

There's some more information about his mother in the chapter, not so much about his father besides that he died when Satch was about 18.

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His dad was a gardener. I don't know what his mom did but her name was Tula Paige. She never saw her son play organized baseball. She didn't approve of him playing.

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