A Rod worth?

Do you think he wrorth over 200 million?


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Well let's go back to the firefighters and police officers that went into the towers on 9/11... They weren't making $200 million and a lot of them lost their lives. Yet, A-Rod makes this to play a game!?

Of course he isn't worth that... it's rediculous the amount these players are getting paid to play a game... and our real heroes (including those over seas) are making little to nothing to put their lives on the line for us. When A-Rod has a bad day, he goes 0-3, has an error and gets booed...when these guys have a bad day, somebody possibly dies.

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is anybody? unless they come up w/a cure for cancer... no one should get paid that much money; i dont care WHAT they do (or dont do).

and, im an a rod/yankee fan.

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I guess he is if someone agrees to pay him that much. It may seem ridiculous, but he isn't paying himself!

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i think so

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As the market goes, over a ten year period he is worth every penny. I mean, baseball players' salaries have gone out of sight. That is why so many of us fans can no longer afford to go to games. I used to take my son to Fenway Park, get box seats, pay to park, have dinner before the game at a local restaurant, and have snacks at the game, ALL for under $50. Today, that will not even pay for a decent ticket!! When was that?? In the mid-seventies. But my salary was MUCH less too!!


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I don't get why most of you blame Arod and hate on him. Why don't you hate on the people who are playing him?! Arod doesn't just say, "I'm worth 200 million. Give it to me!". The people choose to pay him that much. So if you're going to critizice someone, criticize the people that pay him. Leave Arod alone already!

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