Anyone else like when Manny Ramirez stands after he hits a HR?

u know sometimes when manny hits a hr and he stands there and watches it? well do pitchers and the other team not like that and is there a name for what its called? i love when he does it its awesome cause hes so cocky.


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Some people call it "showing up the pitcher" but if they do not like it they shouldnt give up the long ball. I like it, he doesnt do it in a bad way, some people stand their and watch the ball the whole way, Manny admires while he takes a slow walk and it looks cool.

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Its called showboating, and no I don't like it. He should just run around the bases insted of watching it and trying to show up the pitcher. I don't have a problem with it if its a game winner of something like that, but he tends to do it when the shot has no real relevance to that game.when they are way ahead or down by 5. I like Manny, but he needs to learn a little humility.

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I don't think that Manny has a name for his "Stand after a homerun" but there are other other players who watch there hr as well.

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Doesn't bother me. It seems people don't like it because they're mad because it happened and their just being picky because they're frustrated.

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Barry Bonds takes about a month and a half to run the bases after a home run. Most pitchers don't care for it and feel it shows them up. There have been occasions where a pitcher will have words with the hitter.

Back in the days of Bob Gibson and the like, if a hitter did that, it was pretty much guaranteed he was getting some chin music his next time up. They weren't so quick to suspend guys back then.

Basically there's no name given, it basically falls under showboating or "Cadillacing"

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A lot of "big time" players do that. Bonds drops his bat & walks to first base. It's just the nature of the "professional" athlete today.

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It's called being an asshole. It shouldn't allowed, and if I were the pitcher, I would hit him the next time he came up. There is no need 4 that. There is no need 4 taking 1 hour 2 run the bases 2, which is something he also does. He's so retarted.

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Yeah,,He's cocky all right just like Blow sox fans,He's a show off PERIOD! Arod is Humble Slugs the ball and runs,,doesn't do any grandstanding!! Manny's an @ss Period...

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