A couple years ago when Randy Johnson hit that bird when he was pitching, what was that pitch scored?


What can i do...?

it was scored a no pitch but it sure as hell looked like a strike to me

Does this count as a score?

interference. No pitch. Do over.

List of players who first career home run was a grand slam. Hunter Pence did that last night 05/05/07.?

The official call was "no pitch"


Has anyone heard about cardinals pichter....?


Who is a better pitcher justin verlander or francisco liriano?

A dead fowl ball.

I'm from wisconsin and I need to know if the brewers will mess up?

The official scorer that day called it a "fowl" ball.

Do you think that the Baltimore Orioles have a chance to have a winning season this year?

It was called a no pitch by the umpire.

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