Anybody else agree with me that A-Rod is MVP this year?


What do other M.L.B. players do during batting practice when not taking batting practice?

he could have a huge year, get voted MVP...and if he doesnt have a big post season the Yankee fans will still roast him alive...Charles Barkley was right on target with what he said on tv today...he should have the best year of any player ever...then tell the yankee fans to kick rocks...

Is there a way to get better at baseball really fast?

A Little premature there bud, for all u know he could get injured.

Yankees questions?

you can't tell who is MVP what like a month into the season. give it time.

Has a San Diego Padre ever thrown a no hitter?

He is the MVP for April thats for sure. Would it suprise you if he won another mvp trophy? he did it 2 seasons ago

Do you think the Yankees should try and get Ivan Rodriguez as their new catcher?

um, no.

it's 15 games in

they play 162 games in a MLB Season

Why did the Tigers lose their series to the White Sox?

It's going to take a lot to over take him. Baring injury he is a lock.

Baseball Glove?


Where can I get a Mets Suck T-Shirt? (Besides Ebay)?

If he keeps this up, yes

Is Dice-k overrated?

way too early, it's still april and they've only play 17 games. if he continues to stay hot hot hot, then he's going to get some type of award.

Are there any pitchers that threw no-hitters in both leagues?

It's still a ways to go but if he stays healthy he'll be a unanimous choice for sure.

What are the average MLB draft salaries per round?

No one is ever an MVP before April is finished. No one is an MVP before August is finished, either.

Do the brewers have enough to win a world series?

If the season were end today, A-Rod would be the MVP hands down, but Major League Baseball plays a very long season, and it's way too early to be talking about the division winners of each division, let alone the MVP, Cy Young, or any other award.

How do u throw different types of pitches for baseball?

Way too early...great start, but way too early...

Will Bonds make it into the hall of fame.?

It is way to early to call anybody an MVP! Ask me in October!

What is the story from Gritz called "the jailhouse wallet" that Jim Rome wanted to tell but later wouldn't?

He may be the MVP of April, but it is a long season. If he continues at this pace then i'm sure he will be as long as the Yankees go deep into the playoffs. If he doesn't continue like this and the Yankees don't go deep into the playoffs, count him out.

Angels about them Dodgers?

If the year ended today or even at the end of the month, yes. After a full season, we'll see. Anything can happen over the long haul. He's great whatever happens.

Is ARod on roids?

At the moment sure, but it is a long season and a bit premature at this stage.

I have Chipper Jones and Mike Lowell, i can only play one of them because their scheduled on/off days match?

Hell NO, A-Rod will hit a mini slump and will loss out on the Al MVP to Big Papa. In the NL I think either the only 2 Howard or Pujols both are just in a mini slump and will break out of it soon and hit alot of homers.

Is Dice-K fo real?

You can't possibly be serious. Let the season play out.

Cubs suspension?

YES I agree, but any non Yankee fan won't

Who has done worst?


Does anyone know the timeframe for Derrik Lutz to move up to AAA-Louisville or to the Reds?

u r going to hate me, but i do not really care for him...i can't stand the yankees...i root for any team that plays them...i am a die hard mets fan...sorry:(

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