A few Slow Pitch Softball questions.?

Question:I've played hardball for years now im playing softball. What are something's I can do to help me hit the ball more solidly and with greater distance? Are there exercises to help improved this with weight lifting? Where should I stand in the box, up front, in the back or in the middle, where?

Also any things that can help me get my arm back into shape? I was able to throw a hardball from a 300ft centerfield fence to the pitchers mound on a line.

Any tips for a first year softball player would be greatly appreciated.


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First, resist the temptation to uppercut the ball...an uppercut swing plus the ball's steep downward arc often results in weak pop-outs.

To generate power, just go "back to the basics." Break your swing down mechanically to make sure you're shifting your weight correctly. If you're a "hands" hitter in hardball, you'll find yourself hitting a lot of bloop hits. To drive the ball, you're going to have to supply all the power yourself, and power comes from the legs and hips.

For re-building your arm strength, all I can say is TAKE IT SLOW. The worst thing you can do is try to "air one out" and end up with a nagging elbow or sore shoulder that bothers you for weeks. Take the extra time to loosen up and get the blood flowing in the shoulder. If you only play once a week, pick a day in between games to toss lightly for a half-hour or so.

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I perfer to stand towards the back outside corner of the box. Most softball pitchers throw all over the place and that way I can step up or into a pitch

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stand at the back of the box because you have to take a one step to the front when you pitch in softball. also, try to exercise your control using underhand pitching. it's when you pitch with your pitching arm rotating going back downwards then release the ball slowly towards the plate.

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well it seems that alot of people prefer to stand back in the box to hit. it depends on what kind of hitter you are. if you stand back there are tendencies to "golf" the ball and hitting corn all day (especially if you dont have alot of power to hit the ball over the fence). i suggest stand where you most often crush the ball (i.e. highball hitter--up front of the box; lowball hitter--back of the box; you like them inside--back off the plate so the barrel is going through the zone). also check your local library for some instructional videos. there's ones on hitting and fielding.

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If u are having trouble hitting the ball because it's too slow stand up in the box, it will give you less reaction time. Practice with plastic golf balls, it will help you keep your eye on the ball and help you wait on the ball.

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