Which is the oldest existing MLB team?


Which third basemen is better. Joe Crede or Brandon Inge?

Both the Atlanta Braves (then known as the Boston Red Stockings) and the Chicago Cubs (then known as the Chicago White Stockings) were founded in 1871 as members of the National Association. The White Stockings did not play from 1872-74 because of damage and losses from the Great Chicago Fire, so the Braves are the oldest team in continuous operation. The Cubs, meanwhile, are the oldest team still playing in their original city.

The first pro team was the Cincinnati Red Stockings, but they folded in 1870 and most of their players went to the Boston team; the current Reds can directly trace their history back no earlier than 1876.

Interleague Play Matchups?


What is the major league record for consecutive home runs hit by one team in one game?

Chicago Cubs?

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pirates and cubs

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Cincinnati Reds. Origianlly called the Red Stockings. Founded in 1866.

What is the highest scoring game in MLB History?


Who would you rather have?

Many will say the Reds, however the Oldest franchise would be the Braves and Cubs. The braves were also originally known as the Red Stockings.

Atlanta Braves
1966 - present
Milwaukee Braves
1953 - 1965
Boston Braves
1941 - 1952
Boston Bees
1936 - 1940
Boston Braves
1912 - 1935
Boston Rustlers
1911 - 1911
Boston Doves
1907 - 1910
Boston Beaneaters
1883 - 1906
Boston Red Caps
1876 - 1882

Chicago Cubs
1902 - present
Chicago Orphans
1898 - 1901
Chicago Colts
1890 - 1897
Chicago White Stockings
1876 - 1889

Cincinnati Reds
1959 - present
Cincinnati Redlegs
1953 - 1958
Cincinnati Reds
1890 - 1952
Cincinnati Red Stockings (AA)
1882 - 1889

There was another franchise that was the Red Stockings, then the Reds, but they died out and one year later There was a new team called the Red Stockings in Cinn.

Accordind to my research Braves and Cubs franchise are equally old.

In Softball terminology...?

I think it is Milwaukee Brewers but I could be wrong I dont follow american baseball to much.

Brooklyn dodgers manager April 13, 1947?

The Chicago Cubs in 1876.

Yankees fans?

Cincinnati Reds

In response to Johnny (Judas) Damon?

First PROFESSIONAL team - Cincinnati Red - that was why for like 100 years the first game of the year was always played in Cincinnati...that is until Bud Selig realized that the Japanese started professional baseball and he moved the first game there.

Will anyone get 800 homeruns by the end of there carrer?

Cinci Reds

Rip cards pitcher?

The reds of 1866 are not the same team playing today. The correct answer is the Cubs/Braves

If you were sitting in the wrigleyfield bleachers and Bonds hit his record tying home run?

That would be the Cincinnati reds as they were know as the redlegs back in 1866. They are considered to be the first professional base ball team as it was called back then

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