Anyone see pujols last night? 3 ball walk?

isnt that something huh?!


What is the worst batting avg of someone collecting 200 hits for an entire MLB season?

yea i love the cards and i saw that i didn;t know what happened is the tv was just wrong or the ump doesn't know how to count? lol

RIP - Josh Hancock you will be missed but never forgotten!

Who Wins The Divison's?

YES the umpire's going to be fired for that

Make a haiku about the red sox newcomer Daisuke matsuzaka??

that umpire better hide his face in shame. it was so funny!

Is there a website to tell you how to throw curveballs ,changeup,slider,etc?

That was really odd. hehe

What team was Steve Finley on in 2005?

No, I didn't see but I love the Cards! RIP Josh Hancock....

Where are there baseball leagues in nc?

Yea someone going to be out of a job. RIP Josh Hancock

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