"Oh! What a Lucky Man, he was"?

Question:The evidence, is pointing to Drinking, as being the leading cause of Cardinals Pitcher, Josh Hancock's untimely death. It's happened to so many Fans, as they leave a Sporting Event. Now, it's shown that the Athelete's themselves are human.

Question: Is this gonna be the one that causes you to think twice. Before reaching for the keys to go home. After you've had too many? Whether leaving some Friends House. Or coming Home from a Game. Is this gonna cause you to think more closely about it.

Would it change your feelings, about it. If he was someone from your favorite Team?

Does anyone have any memories of watching him pitch?

[***Ol' Buzzard's friend, died behind the wheel. Many years ago. He was only 28 Years old.***]


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It's a terribly sad thing and I know all too well what happens. I was a police Officer for 21 years and I did CSI (we called it Evidence Technician) on the First Platoon (midnight shift) for 10 years, 1973-1983. During that period I scraped a lot of those who had been drinking, or their victims, off the pavement. To this day, if I drink as little as two beers, the wife drives (She's a teatotaller). I do NOT want someone else's death on my conscience, there's not a whole lot of room there anyway after 14 months in combat in Vietnam and 21 years of working the streets.

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I'm a die-hard Cards fan and I'm so sad to hear about Hancock's death. I work right by the stadium and its so hard to see all the memorials to him. Honestly, nothing is going to change everyone's opinions on drinking and driving. Some people will call a cab or get a DD, but there is no guarantee. I wish there was something that would change everything, but I dont think anything ever will.

RIP Josh!

Big screen @ a game, how much does it cost to post something?

I'm a Die-hard Card fan and its a sad day in Cardinal Nation.Josh was a good relief pitcher,did his job and died to young.I could get on my soapbox about drinking and driving but I'm not. But I will say that this country needs to do something besides put people in prison or scrape there bodies off the pavement.

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It is sad when anybody dies from drinking. I'm not sure that it will change any ones mind about drinking and driving.

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