American League Central Division Winner Will Be?

Question:Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota are all looking good enough to get it done.
I think whoever gets off to a good start will take it this year.

Your thoughts?


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Detroit, however I am prepared if the loss of Rogers will hurt the Tigers a lot.

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Detroit unless they get hit with a ton of injuries.

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The Tigers look to be the front runners until proven otherwise.

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Leyland won't let a team this good fail of their expectations.
The Tigers will capture the division this year.

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The Royals! Okay I can dream can't I? It could be any of the teams other than them.

I'm going with Cleveland. They have a very solid team and I think they will bounce back after struggling last season.

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It will come down to the Tigers and White Sox in September.

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the easy pick is the tigers but a year ago the easy pick was the white sox and they sucked. this year i think detroit will win it but only by a slim margin over cleveland

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The TIGERS of course!
Tomorrow the Roar will be heard at 1:05 PM!!
Go get em Tigers :)

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white sox for sure

Lets Go Mets Go?

The White Sox!
Cuz I said so.

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Detroit was and still is the class of the division. Last season's little slip was no big deal. They are good enough to over come the loss of Rogers. The Twins have their own problems with a depleted pitching staff. The White Sox problem is Ozzie. The sooner they dump him the better. Chicago had their 15 minutes of fame. They won't be a factor this year. As for the Indians, they don't know how to win.yet! They're a decent team but haven't proved anything to anyone so far. The Tigers will win with a 95 win season.

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just joking i think the twins because last year they had the batting champ, cy young, and mvp (which was a joke)

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well of course the Tigers but if they get injuries it will be the Twins(white sox have no chance)

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Detroit. Verlander, Bonderman, Zumaya. One of the better pitching staffs to make up for a decent lineup.

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Chicago White Sox by 2 games

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