Am I the only one that wonder why Deivi Cruz is not in the MLB?I thought he was an excellent player.?

A great shortstop and a great hitter. Always came through for the team.


Baseball Cards?

That's an interesting question. Cruz just didn't have the work ethic to maintain a long MLB career. He was notorious for his mental lapses in the field and at the plate during his time with the Detroit Tigers. I'll give Cruz credit, though; he had the twin toughies of being a player with scant minor league experience (I believe he made the jump from Single A to the majors in 1996 or 1997) and replacing long-time fan favorite Alan Trammell. Cruz held his own, but some Tigers fans never forgave him for not being anything close to Trammell as a player. What a shame...

Whose ur fav. baseball team?

He was ok. He got hurt and wasnt the same. Last year he had a small minor leuge stint with the cardinals.

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I think you are.

I think he's playing golf with Rey Ordonez.

I am going to the yankee game tonite?

Dude, you're funny...he was getting pretty old and he really should have just been a utility he aged, he lost a lot of his range, and his average dropped, so major league clubs had no interest in him, and they persued younger, potentially better, shortstops...even the Giants gave up on him, which basically means that your career is done, PERIOD

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