If your commisioner for a day what would you do?

I would ban steroids users for life and not allowed them in the hall of fame.


What's happening to the PHILLIES ?

Kick Bonds and other steroid users out of the league, and wipe all of their "accomplishments" out of the record books.

The Cleveland Indians weakness?

I don't believe the commissioner had the power to do either of those things. The union has a say in what happens to players via the collective bargaining agreement. And, the HOF does not opeate on the commissioners watch.

I would recognize Larry Doby in some way similar to the way Jackie Robinson was recognized with the retired jersey #.

Where can I get cheap parking for a Red Sox Game?


How Many Homeruns Will Jimmy Rollins Have In 2007 So Far He Has 6?

i would lift the ban on Pete Rose so he can get into the hall of fame for what he did as a PLAYER

Softball chants...?

Take some hos to my luxory box, see the game, eat 3 hotdogs, back to the hotel suite with the hos. All at the expense of the MLB!

Who is yankees batting coach?

Fire the imposter now in office.

Isn't it awesome to finally have Yankee fans with nothing to say?

The power of the highest office in baseball...what to do with it? Let's see:

1. Return World Series games to weekday afternoons, so kids can see baseball shortly after school gets out.

2. Eliminate Chevrolet as my league's top corporate sponsor, and instead go with Honda or Toyota. It's a new era people, and Chevy just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.

3. Honor not only Larry Doby (as one person mentioned earlier), but honor Frank Robinson, Jim Abbott, Branch Rickey, Danny Murtaugh, Hank Aaron, Roy Campanella, and anyone who proudly wore a MLB uniform while exhibiting courage, dignity, honor, and respect in their lives and towards the game of baseball.

4. Two words: Salary cap! Institute a $75 million cap with a starting floor of $50 million. That way, with such a minimum, teams wouldn't have to purposely keep their payrollos low to get more revenue sharing money (this means you, Tampa Bay and Florida).

5. Find buyers for the Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals, Colorado Rockies, and Cincinnati Reds. Their fans deserve to have competitive teams after so much suffering!

6. Honor Marvin Miller for his work with the MLB Player's Union, and build a bridge with said union. The scars of collusion are still present, and by establishing a trust, those past wounds can finally heal properly.

7. Stricter drug testing, similar to that of the NFL and Olympics.

8. Eliminate the idea of home field advantage being at stake during the All-Star Game. It is an exhibition, and nothing more. Place a better incentive, such as a large scholarship at stake for thie winning league to establish in their names for deserving youth.

9. Bring back true doubleheaders!

10. More promotions for children, because they really are the future. The game can only continue to grow from there!

I have other ideas, but these are my best if I were commish for a day.

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Lift the ban on Pete Rose, he was a hell of a ball player and deserves to be in the HOF.

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox salary question?

Put Barry Bonds in the Hall Of Fame and ban the Dodgers from ever playing baseball again!!

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