1st Yankees' Stadium visit. Any tips!?

My tickets are in Main MVP section 288. Please let me know if these are good seats. Also if you have any tips about the stadium let me know! Thanks in advance.


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LOVE going to Yankee Stadium although I live 150 miles from it I drive there 3 or 4 times a year to see games... your seats are GREAT SEATS.. bring a camera, bring a catcher's glove (to catch balls that are hit your way)... bring LOTS of money because even BEER is like $7 a GLASS. it's expensive and they do NOT let you bring your own stuff in--NO GLASS BOTTLES and you MIGHT be able to SNEAK in plastic bottles of stuff but they check EVERYTHING before you enter the stadium... There is a parking GARAGE directly next to the stadium that can be entered from any street around the stadium... It's $8.00 to park inside ... Try to be there about 2 hours early because there is great fun ahead BEHIND the stadium at all the vendor shops. Souvenirs, FOOD, a great place to eat is the SHORT STOP bar and grill behind the stadium--it gets CROWDED so get there early and find a seat FAST..then walk around all the shops for shirts, hats, etc...They also sell souvenirs directly outside the stadium as well. Once you are ready to go INTO the stadium. check your tickets--it will tell you what GATE to enter---each enterance (and there are SEVERAL) have GATE NUMBERS... entering the wrong GATE could put you on the wrong side of the field... All food INSIDE the stadium is EXPENSIVE $4.00 for a stinking HOT DOG-- a bottle of WATER is $4.00 so fill up before you go inside...The stadium is quite AWESOME, bring a light jacket if it's a night game because this time of year it gets very breezy and cooler... You are going to have SUCH a ball. . I'll be heading down there pretty soon myself... You will LOVE IT... Have a GREAT time.

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parking is difficult.

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Go to the Yankees page from MLB and then to the stadium info. You can find out from there where those seats are located.

Wear a flak jacket.

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those seats are perfect for catching foul balls...also make sure you get there early, park in the parking garage, as well as make sure you visit momument park...get there as early as possible so you can get to see it all...also if your ticket includes admission to the pinstripe pub go.but most importantly don't wear anything associated with boston

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yeah trade the tix in for Jets football tickets, cuz the Yankees are going to lose anyway.

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take many photos. yankee stadium is standing history and will only be with us for one more season after this one. i hate the current yankees, but yankee stadium is history.

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plant a bomb and watch 55,000 people, including youself, and the entire NY Yankees organization be incinerated from the ion blast.

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Fenway Park is the only truely magnificent specimen among AL East playing fields. Yankee Stadium, like the Yankee lineup itself, is nothing more than a steroid pumped sterile looking slab of meat. It's enourmous, unatteractive, utilitarian and boring. Torch the place to the ground, that's my only advice to you.

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Don't wear a Red Sox hat or jersey...lol

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