What is the best way to break in a new baseball bat?


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I've heard of players turning their bat a quarter turn after each contact (assuming we're talking about an aluminum bat). Also, never use it agains't rubber cage balls. If you want it to last, only hit actual baseballs with it. Hit with older bats when you're in a batting cage that throws those rubber dimpled balls.

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Hit ball

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o um gee maybe hit the baseball

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just use it on light pitching there relly noway to break in a bat

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After the bat has been produced and assuming there are no defects with the bat, then a bat is ready for action as soon as it is pulled off the racks. There is no breaking in needed for a bat in the same respect you do with a brand new baseball glove.

I'd say it's just a matter of getting acclimated with your new bat such as getting used to it's feel, length and weight. Once you are comfortable with your new bat, then it becomes "broken in."

Of course, the only way this is going to happen is when you start swinging the bat, whether it would be in batting practice or in the game. So get out there start whacking those balls around, Slugger.

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Basically, you pick up a bat from the store and it is ready to go. It's not like a hat or cleats or your mitt. The obvious reason why is that the things you "break in" have some give to them physically, whereas a bat has no give, at least none that you can physically manipulate.

Now, some people like to use pine tar on wooden bats, so if you do, go to a batting cage and maybe after every 10-20 pitches go through your normal pine tar routine. There really isn't much else to do though.

Some people like to re-wrap the grips on aluminum bats, but that is really up to you whether or not you prefer to do that. If you like that, you already know what you like, and there's nothing I can suggest. If you don't like re-wrapping, again, you already know how you like it and I can't suggest anything that you already know the answer to.

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sacrifice a live chicken and rub the the blood on the barrel of the bat....

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By hitting with this new bat that you have you dumb ***. That was a stupid question to ask.

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