Why can't the Yankee/Red Sox feud have there own column in sports?


1) Yankees or Red Sox?
Typical Answers - "Yankees Rock!" This would be coming from a Yankee fan. "Red Sox Rocks!" This woud be coming from a Red Sox fan.

2) Who's better? Yankees or Red Sox?
Typical Answers - "Yankees are!" This would be coming from a Yankee fan. "Red Sox are!" This woud be coming from a Red Sox fan.

3) Who's going to be first in there division, Yankees or Red Sox?
Typical Answers - "Yankees!" This would be coming from a Yankee fan. "Red Sox!" This woud be coming from a Red Sox fan.

Are these questions neccessary when Red Sox fans are going to say there team is better and the Yankee fans are going to say there team is better?

It's pretty obvious isn't it?

Now, am I jelouse that Yankee/Red Sox fans overpower every other fan? Nah, but unlike them, I do notice that there are other teams in baseball and not just two (2).

-Kunzaki, Ichoro (Choro-Kun)


Can anyone find me a video of Dae Sung Koo's double against the Yankees a couple of years ago?

I agree, it does get out of hand, I'm a sox fan who gets sick of hearing about the Yankees. I want to know how the sox measure up against other good AL teams like Detroit, Cleveland, and Seattle etc. That's the reason I also like interleague play, it's fun to see the teams other than the ones in your division over and over again. I say if you want to just bash the Yankees or the Red Sox go to local talk radio, man does that get loud!

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well, because some people just don't care about it

Which team has the most obnoxious fans?

I agree. They might as well have their own forum here on answers. They already have their own national sports network (ESPN).

What are SRO tickets @ Giants Stadium? Are they good tickets and guarantee seats?

Even though Yankees rock, I respect and know that there is other teams in baseball and I know every team, but it's just because they're the biggest sports rivalry. They have to know there is fans of other teams too, like Dodgers, Giants, Phillies, etc.

Why do some major league outfielders throw like girls?

Every sport question is subject to completely biast answers. I do not care one bit about the Yankees or Red Sox. Maybe it is because ESPN shows those 2 teams 5 times more than any other teams. Oh look, the Yankees are on ESPN tonight.

On another note, Yankee and Red Sox fans are idiots, so they ask questions on who will win and hope more of their fan base answers than the others. You have to be retarded to be a Yankee fan anyways, that is the most widely known fact in sports fan history. Need salary cap. Now.

Bonds end his career as a yankee?!?!?!?

You don't seem to understand, all this crap is perpetuated by Red Sox fans. Nearly every Yankee fan understands that there is an inherent frustration on the part of all Red Sox fans. They hate the fact that 99% of the time the Yankees seem to best the Red Sox.

The real hatred comes from Boston, not New York. As a Yankee fan I have never perpetuated any questions that have compared either team with one another. To me it's not important. You'll find that most Yankee fans could care less about the Red Sox.

Which Yankee position player will be the first one forced into pitching relief?

I am a Red Sox fan, I love my team, hate NY, and love the rivalry.

BUT more than that, I LOVE baseball. So far this year I am really impressed by the Indians more than anyone else because of the level of play they are giving at a relatively low team payroll. It's great to see an accomplishment in this day.

Not all Boston/NY fans care about those 2 teams only, but most fans pay attention to their division more than anything else since winning the division is the goal of the regular season the fans. And since the AL East usually comes down to Boston and NY that's what most of the fans talk about. As for the media? well, they make it about those two teams because it is a story with a lot of history, something they can sell easily.

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they have ESPN already.

How many times did the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers play in the world series?

If not for Yankee/Red Sox fans this baseball section would be very boring. I dont get it to be honest, where are all the fans from other cities?

Are the Washington Nationals the worst team in major league baseball?

Damn it Chiefs that was gonna be my answer

What do you think of Selig letting players wear #42 on Jackie Robinson Day?

Actually, in Boston... It is "YANKEES SUCKS"

Other than Babe Ruth who do you think was the greatest player of the 20th century and why?

LOL LOL LOL your right about this,i don't even bother answering these questions anymore,it's so over written and over answered ,these questions are asked at least 40 times a yr! It's really getting childish!

The All-Time All-Ugly Baseball Players Award?

i agree, its ridicouls. the main stream sports media (ESPN, FOX ect) think that the only 2 teams out there are the yankees and the Bosox. i was watching a game between the cubs and cards and they had the audacity to interrupt my game to watch a bat by arod (yes cut from my game in the middle of a at bat), why do i give a crap about arod? Whenever they face each other its the top story on sportscenter, one would assume that they play 3 times a year but come on, they play like 15+ times and the games dont mean anymore than a Tampa Bay vs Kansas City game. If they were going at it for the pennant, people might care but no one cares in april-august outside of NY and Boston

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