Anyone know if they have the montreatl expos? If not, want year they took it out of major league's, & why?


How is a pitchers earned run average calculated?

They moved to Washington and became the Washington Nationals because they were so horrible, but now they suck just as much. All those millions of dollars wasted!

If you bought a MLB franchise team, would it include the minor league teams?

The Expos moved to Washington and changed to the Washington Nationals a few years back,you been living under a rock? lol

Please list all owners for the chicago cubs?

they moved to washington in 2004 now they are named Nationals.

Who else hates the fact that barry the bigot! bonds will get record?

They moved the Expos to Washington DC becoming the Nats in the 2005 season due to lack of fan support.

Were/Are NY Yankee left hand batters home run output distorted because of the very short right field?

The Montreal Expos were relocated to Washington, DC and became the Washington Nationals. The last year they played in Montreal was 2004.

The Nationals are owned by Ted Lerner. The move had to do with ownership squabbles, and lack of attendance.

Baseball. when a runner is on second base and the batter hits the ball and hits the runner while he is on the?

The Montreal Expos moved to Washington, and took the name of Nationals. I think they moved in 2004.

Why are some baseball games suspended and others are called for rain?

the Montreal expos are currently the Washington Nationals.

I want to be a pitcher, but my arm isn't strong enough. Do you know any good exercises?

Washington Nationals now

What do the black armband on the Yankee uniform represent?

They are the Washington Nationals now, they moved to Washington before the 2005 season because of a lack of fan support.

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