Fenway Park?

Which side is the home dugout at Fenway, 3rd or 1st side? Going to watch the Braves murder them this weekend!


Do any other baseball players have a blog like Curt Schilling?


I've been there plenty of times.

Error on a sacrifice bunt. Count as an "at bat"?

I'm pretty sure that home team's dugout is always on the first base side.

Is there a ground rule triple?

3rd. They dont play the braves this weekend. DUHhhhhhhh!

RED SOX FANS Would You buy this?

thy are not playing the braves this weekend!!!!!.duhhhhhhhhh...

How to know how many single a baseball player has hit?

1st base side

Who was the first Canadian ever to pay major-league baseball?

they don't play them this weekend. but when they do, Boston will slaughter them. Atlanta has no chance because they are clearly the inferior team.

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