Who do you think is the best on the mets?


What is Papa Joe Chevalier's baseball system?

This is a tough question, but I would have to go with Carlos Beltran. He's a 5 tool player who plays a more difficult position than Reyes (Shea's outfield is MASSIVE!). Reyes is still learning patient at the plate because he's young, whereas Beltran already draws a lot of walks because of his experience.

It's very close, and while Reyes is more dynamic and exciting to watch, Beltran's job is tougher.

A bogus stat in my book: Why do middle relievers get an unfair advantage with respect to era?

reyes what kinda of question was that ? the guy bats over 300 90+ rbi's this season hell get and probally around 20 homeruns and he will lead the league in SB so come on !

Are these good seats?

Julio Franco.

What does Nacnud mean?

jose reyes is an all star talent. he is an all around great player. he provides a lot of energy

How much is this worth?

Jose Reyes.

If mark maguire was still playing would he be in front of barry in hr?

reyes without a doubt

Baseball trivia?

Jose Reyes CAREER averages for both on base percentage, and batting average are under .300. He is a good player, but not an elite yet.
The answer is Pedro Martinez. He is not healthy right now, but is on the team. He is the answer.

Where can i get free baseball tickets to the cubs or sox?

Marv Thronberry

Interference question?

I would have to say four tool player Carlos Beltran.

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