Alcohol at angels stadium?

anyone know if you are aloud to tailgate and if so can you bring alcohol into the parking lot?


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according to

No alcoholic beverages are allowed into the parking lot or the ballpark. California law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. Therefore, any fans under the age of 40 should be prepared to show proper identification and proof of age when purchasing alcoholic beverages at the ballpark. Beer sales at concession stands will end at the conclusion of the eighth inning. Fans are not allowed to take any alcoholic beverages out of Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

and the rules about tailgating

Guests are prohibited from engaging in the following in the Angel Stadium of Anaheim parking lot: selling food or beverages of any kind; preparing food or beverages of any kind where such preparation necessitates the use of an object or practice that is deemed by Angels Baseball, Inc. to be unsafe, hazardous, or posing a threat of injury to guests, participants, officials, or individuals employed at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Any tailgating in the Angel Stadium of Anaheim parking lot will be conducted according to the following policies:

* Tailgating is permitted only within the designated areas, as determined by Angels Baseball, Inc.
* Outside catering is prohibited.
* Only approved gas/propane barbecue units with fuel valve turn-off may be used. (AMC 11.04.095)
* No vehicle may occupy more than one parking space. (AMC 14.32.140)
* Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. (AMC 7.16.050)

so the last sentence in that says no alcohol allowed
so i would take it as a no to alcohol and yes to tailgating

but just because it says no to alcohol doesnt mean people dont do it anyways

all they are gonna do if they catch you is tell you to put it away or maybe trash it in extreme cases

Has this ever happened...?

Since the rules are (like most rules) a total steaming pantload of sh*t, I'd smuggle some in if I were you. Tape a flask or two or twelve to your leg(s) if you need to, it doesn't matter. But if you get caught, I don't even know you. . . .
Bottoms up! :)

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Thats sad if true

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That would suck if they really enforce those rules the other guy posted. One of the best parts of going to the game is tailgating.

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You can not bring alcohol to the parking lot. It is against California laws, and inside they cut you off at the eighth inning.

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