Any hardcore diehard mariners fans here? when does felix hernandez start?

Question:friday or saturday? im getting several incomplete reports from different sources.

i need to know so i can know ahead of time when to go to the game.

thank you!


Do you think any teams have suprised you this season so far?

I don't think anytime soon, I believe he went on the DL. He threw that complete game 1 hitter against Boston then left early in his next start with arm trouble. Wetn on the 15 day DL on 19 April.

Is it possible for a home team to get more than 1 run at the bottom of the ninth inning with the game tied?

i dont know it should be soon though. GO M'S

Why does baseball player, John Olerud, wear a helmet while in the field playing defense?

he is on the DL already. Thats too bad, because his injury did not sound good. He looks like a good prospect too.

How do you increase your speed in regards to fast pitch softball?

he starts against the yankees

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