1956 Cy Young award winners?


How much would a Randy Johnson rookie card be worth after he retires?

Don Newcombe - Brooklyn Dodgers
27-7 Record
3.06 ERA
139 SO (ML)

MLB didn't start awarding CY Young awards for each league until 1967

How about that Red Sox game today?

Don Newcombe won the Cy Young for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He went 27-7 with a 3.06 ERA.

Who went 11-1 in the 2005 playoffs?

It was the first year of the award, and Don Newcombe won it:


From 1956-66, they gave out only one Cy Young award between the two leagues.

Why are the red sox wearing green today??

Don Newcombe of the Dodgers. They didn't give it out in both leagues until 1967 and "immediately after Commissioner Frick retired, the rules were changed to honor the best pitcher from each league."

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