Any tips for playing 3rd base?

Have you got any tips for playing 3rd base in softball? I've only just started playing and I need all the help I can get!


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1. Be alert
2. When fielding a grounder ,stay down and play the ball into your glove, don't let the ball play you.
3. Use both hands you are not a hotshot pro
4. Guard the lines(base line)in the latter innings
5. Beware of bunt opportunities
6. Assist the shortstop in covering the ground on the left side of the diamond
7. If there is apop-up, if someone calls for the ball to be able to catch it , acquiesce to them but if they lose the ball in the sun and the lights and you spot it, call them off and make the catch.
8. If there is a pop-up between third base and the shallow outfield, if the outfielder is close enough to make the catch ,let her do so it is easier to come forward than to catch going backward.
9. Practice your throws to 2nd and 1st and home plate so you could have better accuracy and commit less throwing errors
10. Dont panic but be quick and alert with composure. Your composure might be setting an example for the rest of the team.

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3rd base, bloody hell how many hands do you have. I wish I could play a musical instrument !..ha ha

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Probably the hardest position on the field. I know in baseball you want to play even with the bag when runners are on, one step in front of the bag for left handed batters, and one step behind the bag for right handed batters. The ball is hit the hardest at this position because its the shortest area of the field (except for 1st on left handed batters). Softball I will probably play one or two steps in front of the bag due to that softball diamonds are smaller. Girls who are quick like to bunt. Play near the line to stop any balls from getting into the outfield. Any ball hit in the outfield there off to the races.

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number one rule is KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL because if that ball is hit to you, its coming really fast. always keep your defensive stance ( Knees Bent, shoulder withe apart glove is down and ready to catch the ground ball and just be ready. if a right handed batter comes up move closer to your foul line and if she is a lefty then move over to your left in order to get a better jump on the ball.

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Welcome ot the the "hot corner". This position is totally based on reaction. I would suggest playing in front of the base, because it will give you no time to think, but just react when it's hit to you. If you are playing third, you coach thinks you have quick hands and a good glove. Keep your glove down at all times (and your butt down in the typical defensive stance). This will prevent them shots going through your legs. You have to be smart in this position. Know the situation. Is this a bunting situation? If a lefty is up, play more to your left, but see if they are getting around on the pitcher. If they are not, then be prepared that they can hit a shot to you. You can't be afaid if you are going to play this position. You have to be gutsy to play here, so good luck!

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Keep ur eyes open and be alert

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Depending on what league you are in. For my league 3rd base is one of the harder positions because you have a pretty long throw. When your playing you are usually in front of the bag on the grass in case of a bunt.

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Always be alert!

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Wow what jerks.. Well I play 3rd base ocasionally due to the fact that im a pitcher, but 3rd is a relatively easy position easy to play. Make sure you play on the grass when there is a smaller batter at bat. When there is a larger one stay back a little, and also when there is a force play to 3rd step on the bag than whatever you think you can throw to faster, 1st or 2nd. When there is a force play to 2nd throw it to 2nd. Also charge the grounders when they arent coming in fast. ALSO! watch the bunts! when you think they are going to bunt get up into that grass. Keep your glove dirty. Odds are your coach put you there cause you got a rifle for an arm. 3rd to 1st is a long stretch, but if you throw hard and accurate. Remember you got a lot of time so don't just chuck it. Make sure you got it down than get the out!
Good luck!

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for starters i'd wear a face mask or at least a mouth guard. majority of balls are hit to you. you just have to remain calm and confident. Don't be scarred to get close for a bunt or slap. Also you should make sure that you can field hard grounders and be able to get the ball out of your glove to make a good strong throw to 1st. Once you get the hang of it it will be fine.

-utility infield player for 7 years

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