Any Atlanta braves fans out there? and if so whhat are your fav players?

mine our Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones


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of course. I love the braves, even more so. We have the double A braves right here in my home town. So I get the see the baby braves start out. McCann, Franceour. Then there is Chipper, Smoltz, Andruw.

Baby Braves are 3 -2 right now. And opening night is tonight, but the rain might call it. To follow the up and coming Braves check out

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I'm a fan of the game and Andruw Jones in centerfield is great to watch.

That stupid hill in the Astros parks?

Andruw Jones is definitely a great player.

What place do you think the brewers will end up and the end of the year. out of the whole intire league?

I have been a fan of the Braves for about 25 years or more and Dale Murphy is my all time favorite not to mention he should be in the Hall of Fame, but that's a different subject.

Currently, I love John Smoltz. His dedication to the Braves and winning is incredible, especially when he agreed to take on the job of closer when the Braves needed him.

In the field, I think Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones are great. Andruw is one of the best Centerfielders of all time, I can't think of anyone out there right now who reads the ball coming off of the bat as well as he does, he makes even the most challenging plays seem routine. There is a lot of talk of him being traded this year and that is going to suck.

Chipper is just the epitome of what a baseball player should be. He switch hits, bats for average and can hit the long ball, can play several different positions effectively, and took a paycut to remain with the team that took a chance on him.

As far as the younger players on the team, I like Brian McCann more and more everytime I watch him. He is very intelligent in the way to play the game. He also can hit for average and hit the homeruns, but he also has had some great at bats by working with what the pitchers are giving him and getting base hits to each side of the field. This kid has great promise to become incredible, I just wish he had more speed in those young legs of his. Jeff Francour will be great once he stops swinging at every pitch, which he is getting better at. As far as his fielding, what an arm!

Why do you hate the White Sox?

I love the Braves. Favorites would be Smoltz, and the Jones boys. Unfortunetely, I don't see Andruw here next season.

Which team is the best in Baseball right now?

chip and smoltz

Have you ever witnessed a no-hitter? In the park, preferably, but TV or radio will do.?

Andruw Jones & Craig Wilson & Ryan Langerhans

Question for Giants fans?

The only Brave I like is Chris Woodward.


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Those 2 have been favorites of mine for a long time, up and comers like McCann i love and getting Renteria was great for them, he's just made for the NL.

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