How can i increase the velocity of my 4 seam fastball?

i have a professional pitching coach and my mechanics are almost perfect. i naturally pitch about 83-85, but im just looking for that extra piece to add a few miles. i do have two other pitches ( 12-6 & change-up) and all three have good movement. any tips or comments welcome


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Let someone else throw the ball for you. That way you can sit back and relax

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I don't know your age, but if you throw 83-85, I guess you are 17-19 yr old. Is important to throw a lot to get arm strengh. but really the most important things are, in this order: Location--rotation and velocity

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My pitching coach told me that if I want to build up arm strength, I can throw a lot of long toss, and I can do some weight lifting. I don't know if you already do that, but that's what I've been doing and I can tell that it gave me some more speed on my 4 seam.

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throw with wieghted baseballs, my coach baught some last season, start out with just a littler heavier than a normal baseball then work ur way up. Alot of throwing helps too. Long toss as well. im assuming u know, but incase u dont it is when u keep backing up until the ball doesnt reach ur partner.

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Hmm. I would make sure you are flicking your wrist, hard. If you pitch a change-up, I would assume you know that holding is tight slows down the pitch. Another little thing I might try would be to lean just a little bit into the pitch, you may be able to conjure up a little bit more power with your legs. Make sure you have a complete rotation of your arm and your not restricting it. Pull your glove into your armpit as you let go of the ball. You might also want to try playing around with the size of your strides, that sometimes has an affect on the speed of the pitch. You just have to remember that arm strength is very little of what a pitch is; it's mostly leg strength and mechanics.

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throw harder

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the flick of the rist or you could pull your arm back farther you can also try putting you weight forwards as you deliver the pitch causing your arm to move a tad faster

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Hand it to Roger Clemens and let him throw it. Just kidding.

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