7 games out! can yankees catch boston this year?

what will it take? they need to beat them head to head! this i know!


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7 games out you say, well that means that they need 7 to catch up. How many games are left, oh you say around 130 looks, to me, like they still have a chance to catch up.

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i hope not! its about time reallity cought up to them

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theres still alot of baseball to be played.if their 10 games out with 11 to play then worry.they always find a way to catch up to my guys.

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Anybody can catch them this year. We're in the middle of freaking May. Nobody, not even the Nationals, are out of their division race. (OK, maybe just the Nationals)

Wasn't it nice to see the Cardinals offensive finally produce some runs?!?

wow, i didn't know that yankees fans got insecure. Don't worry, your precious yanks just signed Clemens, and if they don't win the division, they have a great chance at the wildcard.

I don't think any fans of teams with <$100 million salary are feeling sorry for you right now.

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Yankees fans are still sure Yanks will come back cause of the history of how it goes.Thats thinking like a fan not thinking about the reality of the current situation.I think they are going to be in for a shock when the yanks finish 15 games out of first.Theres a huge difference between this years Yankee team and those past teams who made the huge surges to get back in first.In the past Yankees have had guys like Clemens,Petite,El Duke,rubber arm Wells in their primes when they could go 7 ,8 ,and sometimes 9 innings and keep the bullpen rested and fresh all year.This year they are loaded with 6 inning starters which means a super taxed bullpen that will be exhausted before midseason.Clemens is not the answer he's a 5 or 6 inning guy now which is the last thing they need.What good is it if he pitches 16 quality starts if he wins only 6 of those games cause of the taxed bullpen blowing his leads? If they came out of April with that kind of losing record while A Rod was batting out of his mind then what Possesses a Yankee fan to think that Clemens is going to come in and save that team when A-rod comes back down to earth?

Its similar to the Royals thinking that minor league phenom Alex Gordon was going to come up and turn the Royals into a contender.Its going to be a wakeup call for Cashman.You can't win with bats alone you have to have a good quality staff that can go 7 and 8 innings with decent consistency.I think next season the problem will be addressed and the Yankees will focus all their free agency attention to pitching like the Red Sox been doing but as for this year they don't have the tools they used to have to make the big surge.

Red Sox fans ONLY?

Obviously they are going to catch up with Boston. Yankees are known to have a bad start and then they do really well rest of the season. Don't be surprised when you look at the standings and you see the Yankees tied with Boston or in first place.

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yes its still early any thing can happen before the astar breack

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they did like 20 one year when Bucky Dent hit the home run

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YES--just like the name of their network.

Boston will choke like a rookie hooker. :)

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Yes, they can. The season is young.

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no way can they catch boston!its about time that the yanks are horrible!!

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nope :)
the red sox are doing really well this year. the yankees are...not. 0-3 to seattle?
ok, the red sox weren't amazing last night either, but that have been for most of the season. and tomorrow Beckett will go 8-0. sorry, but this is just not the yanks' year.

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Of course they can. 7 games is nothing this early in the baseball season. I hope they don't. I am a hard core Red Sox fan, but this season is a long way from over in any division. The Twins have come back from bigger leads a few times now.

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