All my Chicago Baseball Fans!?

Question:Which team are you? Cubs or Sox

I am a Cubs fan and have lived in Chicago for the past 6 years, they have always been my hometown team.


Please answer me! when is felix starting? friday 5/4 or saturday 5/5?

I'm a Yankee fan but I always find myself pulling for the Cubs whenever I see them on TV.

As the season began who do you think will do best..?


How will the braves do this year? lol :)?

I think baseball is stupid but I've always liked the Cubs since I used to go to Cubs games with my mom when I was little.

How's my fanasty team?

I am a Cubs fan personally. I really just hate the white sox for some reason.

Detroit Tiger's Season Tickets!?

White Sox - the stereotype of most Cubs fans only going to the game to be seen - True!
Once - just once - I would like to watch a Cubs game where everyone is not on their cell phones waving in front of a camera.

Will Gary Sheffield ever break out of this slump he's in?

Cubs. The lovable losers. But this year will be different. They will win the division. Hopefully go deep into the playoffs and maybe win the pennant. After that the sky is the limit.

What is the nearest mlb team to nampa id?


Do you believe the Brewers can play like that all year?

Pfff..the Cubs are the worst team in Major League baseball history.

Last World Series Win: 1908

Way to Go Cubbies! Almost a 100 years.

What is a Balk??

White Sox. It is unfortunate that you fell into the whole cubdom thing when you moved to Chicago. They could possibly be the worst franchise in all of sports. The Sox have always been a much better baseball team.

Are you a Cubs fan or Wrigley fan? If you don't know answer this question: Would you rather see the Cubs win the World Series, but in order to win the World Series Wrigley Field must be torn down. Or would you like to see the Cubs play in Wrigley forever, and never win a World Series.

Broncos vs. Raiders. where do you stand and why?


Tear down Wrigley Field and build a crappy stadium like US Cellular for all I care. I just want a world series. I love the way Sox fans are. For years the stay away from their team like the plague. Then they finally win a world series (their first in like 90 some years) and they act like their the best team in the world and that they've supported them all along. Spare me. Try and be a real fan and root for your team win or lose. Your owner had to move MJ from the Bulls to the Sox just to try and put seats in the stadium so he didn't have to move the team to St. Petersburg. Give me a break. GO CUBS! Friday, Saturday and Sunday should shut the Sox fans up for a while. Hopefully somebody will punch A.J. in the face again.

Who was the first Cleveland Indian to bat .400 in a season?

Niether I'm a RED SOX FAN.

Did Cy Young ever win the Cy Young award?

C ompletely U seless By S eptember

Know your roll and wait til' next year !......AGAIN

In Dusty we Trust? Please!
Wood in good? Wood is done!
Prior on fire? Candle in the wind!

2005 World Champions


How come nobody acknowledges the fact that major league baseball lowered the pitching mound.?

Born a Cub fan, Live a Cub fan, Die a Cub fan. Sox fans are disloyal and could not give two shits about their own team. You want to know what the Cubs are doing ask a sox fan they seem to know considering they play more attention to the Cubs then the sox. Do us a favor love your team more than you hate our team. Yeah you won the World Series in 2005, even assh*les get lucky sometimes, but before that where were all the sox fans ? They sure as hell weren't at US Never Cell out field thats for damn sure, hell half these so called sox fans were Cub fans before then. Support your team win or lose. Go Cubs

What do SC, PP, and OT stand for in the 2007 New York Yankees Printable Schedule from MLB.COM?

Sox for sure.
It is "cool" to be a Cubs fan and go to games. The team is horrible.

Baseball measurements?


Do you the cubs just have a normal win streak going? or is this the sign of a magical season?

Cubs all the way. i love Dusty Baker and i love all the pl;ayers. especially Greg Maddux

"I have added the CHi White Sox to my Scoreboard and their score is never displayed, although my others are.

Cubs and I hate Ozzie Guillen!

What is the record for straight walks in a game?

i feel sorry for youu

Was California Angels in al or nl?


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