Any tips for buying a slow pitch softball bat.?

I want to purchase a slow pitch softball bat. Im 5'7 170 and have average strength. Im not looking for a bat wit power bc in our league home runs are bad. I would like a bat that hits for average. Any brands styles or any info i will glady take in thanks


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if you have an Academy where you live you can go there and look at some of the bats they have and see if it is the right length, and weight. becareful with the bats bc some are banned even though they are stamped. my husband played mens softball for a while and he liked the synergy2 bat, it was a good bat and had a good pop to it. if you dont happen to have an Academy there you can go online to and they have a list of bats just for slowpitch/fastpitch (not much difference but wieght) and baseball. yep and in mens softball you are only allowed 1-5 homeruns depends on tournament or division that you are in hope that helps

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practie with a cricket bat first

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I think if you cannot hit home runs you may want to get a single wall bat. The demarini bats have always been the best around and I would check them out first.

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demarini bats rate very high, price range from 100 to 300 dollars

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