Any cubs or white sox player will make all star team?


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Each MLB team will have at least one representative in the All-Star game.

They both will have a player go automatically.

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Uhh yeah. The Cubs have Soriano, Derek Lee, Carlos Zambrano and Rich Hill all All-Star material. The Sox have Joe Crede, Jeremaine Dye, Mark Buehrle, Paul Konerko and Bobby Jenks that are all All-Star material. Chicago should be well represented in San Francisco.

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No matter what the fans want, every team will be represented because those are the rules. They will both have someone there regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

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On the White Sox, Paul Konerko can make it. He is a consistent hitter, and always a threat when he's batting. Derek Lee for the Cubs is an outstanding player, but is battling injury problems. If he is healthy for the All-Star game, he'll be on the team.

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Considering every team needs someone to represent them in the All-star game, these are my top 3 for both teams:
1. RP, Bobby Jenks: He is already started to get many saves and since the Sox play in a tough division that sees many close games, he'll get oppurtunities. He is a dominant closer with dominant stuff.
2. 1B, Paul Konerko: He'll have to beat out the likes of Morneau, Big Papi (it's in San Fran so no DH), and Giambi (he's not that good but Yankee fans will vote him in; Fan voting is a sucky way to do it) but I think he can do it, especially cause the Sox have active-voting fans. He has a consistent bat and has a knack for driving in the run in scoring position.
3. SP, Mark Buerhle: The no-hitter will get him love from fans (again, the stupid fan-voting) and since he is a crafty lefty that can strike out 9 or 10 any given start, he has a good chance if he can compile some more wins.

1. SP, Rich Hill: Arguable the best NL lefty so far (possibly Gorzelanny or Capuano). He has great stuff and 11 or 12 wins by the All-Star break is definately not out of the question.
2. LF/CF, Alfonso Soriano: IF he can stay healthy and start being productive, he'll get votes and be on his way to another good season. He's really gotta start earning his 120 million dollar contract.
3. 3B, Aramis Ramirez: The only reason I put him ahead of Derrek Lee is, every All-Star team puts 2 guys for every position. For the NL, it can easily be Miguel Cabrera and Aramis Ramirez. Really the only 2 Aramis has to beat out are David Wright and Garrett Atkins, both are strugging MIGHTILY...Derrek Lee might be beaten out by Pujols, Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Delgado, and Lance Berkman...ouch (plus it doesn't help Lee only has 1 HR so far). I just think Aramis will have a monster year, because the first time as a Cub, he has been productive in April.

So to sum up:
Sox: Jenks, Konerko, and Buerhle mos likely(in that order)
Cubs: Hill, Soriano, Ramirez most likely (in that order)

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It's too early to say. Buherle, Lee, Jenks, for sure. Zambrano if he gets his act together. Hill, Lily, and Marquis if they can keep up the excellent pitching. Paulie if he starts to hit.

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Konerko, Dye, and Buehrle. Fans might be able to send Crede as well just like how they squeeze in AJ in the last spot last year.

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Buehrle and Derek Lee

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