After watching them the past two weeks,does anyone thing the giants have a chance at the world series?seriosly


Will Major League Baseball eventually use computers to call balls and strikes?

Whatup D! As for all the haters who have answered so far all I gotta say is: it'll be that much sweeter to watch the Barry-Barry show win the World Series this year in a seven game classic with the Red Sox.
Benitez is healthy and has his velocity back up to the mid 90's, Zito, Cain, Morris, Ortiz, and Lowery are the most underrated starting staff in baseball. Taschner is a really nice set up man as well. Molina has been lights out, Durham, Feliz, Winn, Aurilia, and Roberts are as solid as they can be this year too.
And Bochy has already shown why he is the best manager in baseball.
Put all that together with the best player of our era, if not ever, and what do you have: a RING baby!!!!!!!1

Barry Bonds?

no the balco giants will end up at last place.

Does anyone have any of the 1993 Phillies baseaball games on tape?


Is it true that the Chicago Cubs are up for sale at the end of the 2007 season?

yes. the NL is a league that you need to dominate. and the giants are dominating. they have the biggest crowds to every game cause of BONDS HRS, and there pitching it incredible so far. ZITO is a stud. its very small chance.. but they could come in as a number 2 or 3 seed and go all the way

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