Albert Pujols?

Somebody tell me what the * is wrong with Albert Pujols. I used my FIRST pick in the draft on him and have been nothing but dissapointed. EVERY player on my team is playing better than him, including my bench. I don't want to hear "it's early in the season" because guess what... April 1-May 1 is early in the season. He has 3 hits in his last 29 at bats. THATS A .103 BATTING AVERAGE. Also, he is averaging a home run every 29.5 at bats. WHAT THE flying frig is that! JACK CUST IS AVERAGING A HOME RUN EVERY 4.5 AT BATS! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PUJOLS?


Over say the last 25 yrs who have been some of the pitchers in MLB who have hit a HR.?

What happens to every player in the show, he has a bad stretch. The season is 162 games long and he is a great player, he will turn it around. Sometimes players get hurt and don't tell anybody. Maybe he has some nagging injuries and is affecting his game. Hopefully he will recover. I hear you, he is on my team too, but I still have confidence that he will set the ship right and return to normal soon.

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I love the cardinals, they're my team, but pujols is OVERATED! I think its about time he just stopped.
Have you noticed that everytime he steps up at bat, he never swings at the first throw? Its always a perfect strike, probably what he needs to hit a homer. I think Molina is going to be the next biggest hitter.

Who else apart from George Brett has come close to hitting .400 since Ted Williams did it?

His trainer quit giving him steroids just like Sosa and now they both can't hit there cheaters and deserve to be banned from the league. I mean look at them there huge. I used to play minor league ball and nobody was close to being that big from A ball to AAA ball. They used to much vitamin S and now they're weak. And I picked up Cust yesterday, hope for big things from him. Good luck with you league.

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Saying Pujols is overrated is probably the dumbest statement I have heard in a long time. He started the year slow, and is turning it around. Hell, I picked him too in my draft and he has shafted me a bit thus far but he will pick up. I am willing to bet anyone money that he will end up at least .300 avg, 40+hrs, and 120+ rbi's. Don't panic. He is the most solid and downright nasty player in the game. He will come around and so will your fantasty team with him on it. It could be worse. You could have wasted a rather high pick on Delgado of the Mets.

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Pujols has started out very slow, doesn't seem to be any major reason, though in the past he has had heel problems. THen, with the death of Josh Hancock that didn't help matters with anyone on the team.
Every great player who has shown the numbers that Pujols has put up in the past has had either a number of slow starts or a season that is just not up to what both player and fan expect.
Cardinal fans can only hope Pujols' as well as the rest of the Cardinals, get out of their funk.

Who is at fault for the Texas Rangers loss today and in the past? Management such as the G.M.?

He's just having a slow start. Just thank your lucky stars you got Pujols instead of Ryan Howard.

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Pujols is not overrated and Im pretty certain he is not using steroids. His problem is he's not putting together good at bats. He's taking two pitches for balls and swinging at ball three and popping up. I think he also feels he needs to hit the ball to get on instead of trying to take a walk, or crowding the plate to get hit whatever to get on. It gets to be a real mental thing that holds you back from your true potential. The hits will come eventually, it's Albert Pujols.

In Baseball how many ways can you reach first base and never make contact with the ball?

Albert Pujols is the best in baseball he will come around. Ride the wave or just trade him. I am sure other teams in your league would take him off your hands.

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