"what qualifies as a "Save" for a pitcher in baseball?"?


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In baseball statistics, the term save (abbreviated SV or S) is used to indicate the successful maintenance of a lead by a relief pitcher, usually the closer, until the end of the game. A save is credited to a pitcher who fulfills the following three conditions:

The pitcher is the last pitcher in a game won by his team;
The pitcher is not the winning pitcher (for instance, if a starting pitcher throws a complete game win or, alternatively, if the pitcher gets a blown save and then his team scores a winning run while he is the pitcher of record, sometimes known as a "vulture win");
The pitcher fulfills at least one of the following three conditions:
He comes into the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitches for at least one full inning.
He comes into the game with the potential tying run either on base, at bat, or on deck.
He pitches "effectively" (usually for at least three innings) after entering the game with a lead. (This rule can be contentious, as it is subject to the judgment of the official scorer.)

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A save for a pitcher is when the game is 3 runs or less from being tied, like the score being 3-0 or 11-10, something like that and the pitcher who is pitching gets the final out without allowing the game to become tied or lose the lead will get the save.

If it is more than 3 runs, the pitcher must have the lead(6-1, or any score larger than 3) and pitch 3 innings and keep the lead in order to get the save. If you are on the losing team, well, you wont get a save.

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The above answer is almost right. The pitcher does not necessarily have to pitch one full inning. The last pitcher that
may face either a batter or have the potential tying run in the
on deck circle can qualify for a save. That means the CLOSER may only face 1 batter (1/3 of an inning) and get that person out will get a save.

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A save has to be able to close out a game with a maxium of a three run lead and minimum of a one run lead. Also a save can be picked up if a four run lead and the winning run is on the undeck circle! Look at Taverz for the Red Sox vs Tampa Bay last year. It can also be a save if a pitcher comes in and finishes a game from the fifth on and the game was within three runs, and finishes in a blow-out for example!

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