A question for those who buy/sell baseball collectibles?

Question:Does anyone know how much the following might be worth:

A sheet of 2001 Chicago Cubs World Series Tickets. These were supposed to be destroyed but a few survived. Any thoughts?


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First validate! If authentic...Than it could be a nice hit...printing errors are worth a lot on the collectible markets due to the limit of supply...don't listen to guy about games never played. Collectibles is about the rarity. You have a possible treasure there. What you need to do is to wait until the Cubs are in the World Series next, when fan appeal is at a Zealot high than call Christie's (best idea) or go to a sports show in Chicago and Display your item.

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they will not be worth much

list them at a low price on ebay and see what happens


Probably not alot....as with most collectibles it is a supply and demand thing. The supply is on your side because there isnt alot of them out there.but the demand isn't going to be high. Who wants tickets of a game never played? Only people that would be interested in them would be die hard cubs fans and then i couldnt see them willing to pay that much for them. Hope i helped.

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You could contact www.dacardworld.com
They sell and buy sports cards and memorabilia...good luck

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You probably mean 2003.

Phantom tickets are weird -- there's not a lot of collectors out there, but there are some -- to get them sold you probably want a high profile. Check with one (or more) of the bigger auction houses that do sports memorabilia -- sorry, cannot provide any names to suggest -- and see if they show interest. Being the Cubs is a leg up, as the fan base is pretty big.

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