-8oz? totally confused.?

Question:My softball bat says it is 34 inches and 26 ounces but then it also says -8oz.
I've been told that it means 8 oz drop but i don't know for sure can anyone tell me what it means/what it does to help someones swing. Thanks.


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The lighter the bat, the easier it is to swing. An 8 oz. drop is a fairly heavy bat. Most fastpitch bats are 10 or 11 oz. drops. If your hands are really fast (meaning you can swing through quickly) you might do all right with a heavier bat.

You get the drop weight by subtracting the weight of the bat from the length.

My daughter much preferred a heavier bat. She was a catcher and had a lot of upper body strength besides being able to get her hips into a swing.

The main thing is to swing a bat that you feel comfortable with. You might borrow a teammates lighter bat and take batting practice with it to see which you like better. You don't say how old you are or how tall but as a coach, I'd be more concerned with the length than the weight. 34 inches is a big bat.

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this means it is 8 oz less than the length of the bat. your bat it 34 inches and it is a minus eight. therfore you have a bat weighing in at 26 oz.

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This number means the difference between the bat length (in inches) and the bat weight (in ounces). Since your bat is 8 ounces less than its length in inches, it has an 8 ounce drop, or is a '-8'. For your swing this number isn't essential. A lighter bat can generate more bat speed but will exert less force on the ball than a heavier bat swung at the same speed. Try to find a bat that provides good plate coverage and allows you to swing as quick as you feel is necessary. The drop helps you compare length to weight.

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its the weight minus the length. 26 - 34 = -8

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Any time you want to find out the - of the bat, you do length minus weight.
In this case the length is 34 and the weight is 26
34 - 26 = 8 so the - would be -8

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The computation that some others posted is correct. If you subtract the number of oz from the length of the bat in inches, you get an 8 oz drop.

This is important for two reason. The first is important because the bat's weight can can help you generate bat speed. In a fast pitch league, there are benefits of swinging a lighter bat.

The other reason that the drop is important is because some leagues have a rule that regulates how large this difference can be. This is because the speed of the ball coming off of the bat can be dangerous due to the extra bat speed created by the light bat, making it dangerous for the pitcher when a line drive is hit right back up the middle.

I do not know anything about softball rules, but I do not think this is an issue because the ball does not come off the bat as quickly.

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