7 Losses in a Row! ►What's up with the Yankees ◄?


Is it possible for a home team to get more than 1 run at the bottom of the ninth inning with the game tied?

Pitching, pitching, pitching. The AL east has always been heavy on hitters, but this year the yankees bats can't produce enough runs to cover for their starter and bullpen trouble. That said, if they get their starters off the DL and Boston gets hit by injuries it could all turn around. Or Toronto will sneak in for the title while Boston and New York bash each other.

Can the royals beat the twins today??

Nothing actually...their pitching is horrendous and their offense consists of Arod...an overrated Jeter...Giambi minus the roids...an old catcher...need I go on?

My son has baseball cards and i am trying to find out what there worth?

FACT: Money can't buy Championships... only HARDSHIPS!

A good glove?

What's up with the Spankees? I know what's not up, and that's them in the standings.

Pitching injuries and inconsistencies, and the lack of any batting power not named A. Rod. Then there is the good play of Boston whom has already beaten them in around 4 times now.

I have third pick in my fantasy baseball draft.who do you think I should pick?

I would love for the yankees to lose every game, I think that would put old George in his place. This is what you get for spending such a high payroll on a bunch of idiots. They have all of the "I" players in baseball, and their is no "I" in the word "TEAM". So hopefully the Yanks finish in last place.

Who makes the baseball undershirts with the metallic design on the elbow?

i love the yankees with all my heart but they need clemens badly! their hitting is great but the pitching and field errors are messing us up badly!

How many kids are taking steroids because the pros do it?

wear a pair of socks for three weeks and smell,they stink,go nationals

What is the best team in the American League?

I think that they stopped using steroids!

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