2007 World Series, Who vs. Who?

What is your opinion on who you think the two teams will be in the world series this year? I would like to see Mets vs. Indians.


Can someone tell me what Alex Rodriquez's entrance song is?

I agree with you.Cleveland Indians vs New York Mets.Indians win it in 7.

Who was the greatest baseball player never to win a World Series?

Red sox Brewers yea i said it

Why isnt corey lidle pitching for the yankees this year?

Mets beat Red Sox in 6.

The SCOREBOARD in My Yahoo does not post the team I selected (Chicago White Sox). How can I fix it?

Braves vs. Yankees part 3.

What is the maximum amount of players baseball teams can have?

I beleive it will be the Dodgers VS. Boston. LA's pitching and defense ves. Boston's ace and good hitting. It will take 2 Schilling wins that puts Boston a champion again.

Met's pitching is too inonsistent.

I will be rooting for the Indians, I just think they may be too young.


i know it would never happen;;but i would love it if it was pirates vs. yankees.

haha i know its impossible, but i can dream. =]

Devil Rays or Yankees?

I'm with the guy above with the Dodgers vs. RedSox.

The Sox are going to run away with the American League, and the Dodgers have the pitching and offense, and experience to take the National League.

This is all assuming Grady Little is able to pull starting pitchers when he needs to...

Do you think the Brewers are for real? or will they fizzle away down the stretch.?

I am sorry for you.
Yankees vs. Dodgers in the 2007 World Series.
Result--Yankees in seven exciting, thrilling games.

What are some games using a baseball diamond that my gym class could play?

it's may. the season is not even 1/4 over. let's put off world series talk and playoff talk until at least august or september.
who would have thought last year the tigers would have made the world series. hell, right now the brewers are one of the game's best teams and the yanks are one of the worst? is that going to hold up? who knows. 120 games left. we'll see.

Ny yankees?

Twins will still get it going this year, and Dodgers are good this year. Twins vs. Dodgers rematch of 1965 series Twins win rematch in 6 games

Which is better?

Braves vs Twins

What is the name of Carlos Beltran's walk out music called? What is the artist?

1000000000000000000000 percent yeah! Indians win in the 6th game 8-5
HR: Travis Hafner Jhonny Peralta
RBI:Travis hafner(4) JhonnyPeralta(2)Victor Martinez(1) Trot Nixon(1)
SB:Grady Sizemore
People without hits:Casey Blake,Ryan Garko(walk 2 )times,Josh Barfield(walked once),and Cliff Lee(at the Met's stadium).
Grand Slams: Travis Hafner
Wp Cliff Lee Era:3 hits: 3 BB:4 K:8 Inning:7
Aaron Flutz Era:2 hits: 2 BB:0 K:2 Inning:1
Save: Jason Davis Era:0 hits:0 BB:0 K:3 Inning:0

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