Are Aluminum bats being banned in places?

i heard something on the radio about something like that.


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They are being banned becuse of the misinformation that the ball rebounds and has more speed from an aluminum bat, though testing by the American Legion and the National Federation (high school) have yet to show that to be true. Plus, the bat escape speed ratio (BESR) regulates the ball to have approximately the same reaction as being hit by a wooden bat.

Sounds like overprotection to me. Plus I have heard that NYC and the state of North Dakota have banned them beginning next year.

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The high school leagues in NY City are banning them.

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Yes New York is doing it even though scientific fact shows that they are no more dangerous than wooden ones. If I remember right they are safer than Wooded bats.

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Yes bloomberg banned them in NYC.

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they should be. they are dangerous as hell. as a highschool pitcher i took a line drive to the chest off an aluminum bat. i was lucky it wasn't my face, but it killed me. the spring the ball gets from non wood bats is almost cheating. it comes off so fast, there is nothing a pitcher can do to get away from a line drive.

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Yes, and for a number of very good reason, including the fact that they are extremely dangerous all around.

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Also, an aluminum bat has never split in two with one pointy shard flying at the pitcher like a thrown knife. Nothing safe about that either.

Maybe he should outlaw those hard rubber hockey pucks. Replace em with beanie babies.far safer in case some poor hockey player should ever be hit by one.

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